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Innovative, Clean & Feasible Energy Solutions for the People 

Enprode is a global firm and our philosophy is to bring global reach local capabilities and experience to bear in the markets where we operate. We are a technology extensive engineering firm with core activities in the design, development, procurement and construction of combined cycle power plants, wind and solar farms, geothermal plants and the like.

Under newly adopted management principles Enprode aims to be active in major energy centers of the Globe: from Central Asia to, Sub-Saharan Africa, South America to Middle East as well as to India Enprode is a Global company.

Enprode helps clients overcome the challenges of competing in the global economy by providing its solutions and World expertise in the power and gas; wind, solar and other renewables as well as energy management. Given the diversity, and agility of the businesses conducted around the Globe, it is fair to brand Enprode as a young, talented and having disruptive technical edge and competitive advantage over the competition in its segment.

Enprode adheres to the principle that “the greatest asset of a company is its human capital”. We focus on creating and sustaining a uniquely comfortable and friendly working environment that is dynamic, productive, hygienic and secure for all of our employees.

We believe that workplace diversity builds on the principles of equal employment opportunity to include inherent differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, race, cultural/ linguistic background and sexual orientation.

Enprode aims to offer a broad range of solutions for producing electricity to public and independent power producers from diversified types of fuels.
Enprode believes the “Planet Earth is calling” for clean, sustainable and efficient energy. The challenge for Enprode is to select the best cause for investing in the future while producing value added services to its clients, stake holders, employees and the community alike.
Enprode’s challenge is to go beyond the objectives it established for itself and become a truly competitive Global player in local markets.

Yüksel GÜLER / CEO