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Hydro Power


Our company serves in the following hydraulic and water resources engineering fields.

A-) Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects (HEPPs)

B-) Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects (Hydrocycling Power
Plants) (Pumped Storage HEPPs)

C-) Pond & Dam Projects

D-) Irrigation & Flood Control Projects

Our company provides the following services to the investors for their HEPPs, pumped storage HEPPs, pond & dam projects, and irrigation & flood control projects to be realized.

  • Site surveys
  • Collection of required data
  • Acquisition and follow-up of licensing
  • Project development
  • Pre-Feasibility studies and presenting the reports
  • Feasibility studies and presenting the reports
  • Preparation of and presenting of detailed design studies and presenting of documents
  • Preparation of and presenting geological investigation studies and reports
  • Preparing of specific audit, survey, observation and progress reports for credit institutions, banks, also independently for invertors and project owners
  • Basin hydrological analysis for projects
  • Land classification, agricultural economic and investment reports for projects
  • Preparing custom cartography and mapping
  • Soil investigations and borehole drilling (Boring)
  • Preparing flood control studies and reports
  • Assume brokerage and consultancy responsibilities
  • Evaluation, valuation and condition survey of projects in operation or in operative