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Wind Power Plant

  • Wind Power Plant (WPP) Project development (from greenfield up to
  • Windfarm project Due Diligence, (DD)
  • Preliminary studies for project site selection, advising and suggestion
    • Selection of wind power plant location, infrastructure check (road, energy transmission lines, substation center etc.)
    • Suitable project land selection and arrangement of land lease agreements,
  • Erection of wind mast and evaluation of wind power potential
  • Arrangement of land lease contract for wind mast in wellrepresented point in the site,
  • Selection of appropriate measurement systems,
  • Erection of wind mast and activation of measurement systems,
  • Monthly data acquisition and evaluation of collected data,
  • Periodic maintenance of the wind mast,
  • Pre-feasibility studies
    • Monthly data acquisition and initial assessment,
    • Preparation of pre-feasibility studies according to 6 monthly data streaming,
    • Preparation of pre-feasibility studies according to 12 monthly data streaming and recommedations in light of the acquired data.
  • Feasibility study preparation
    • Preparation of all necessary digitized maps regarding the project,
    • Preparation of economic analysis,
    • Preparation of single line diagram and grid connection studies,
  • Acquisition of generation license
    • Preparation of license application report and application,
    • Acquisition of initial approval of license,
    • Acquiring the pertinent license,
  • Execution of works after generation license
  • Preparation of national and international project presentation reports
    • Mandating internationally recognized independent audit firms to prepare DD reports to present to ECAs and other credit institutions,
  • Bid documents preparation
    • Preparation of administrative specifications,
    • Preparation of technical (electromechanical) files
  • Project development from grass-root level untill license acquisition per clients’ requests
  • All other relevant necessary technical consulting services up to plant preliminary acceptance/commercial operation.
  • WPP Civil and Electrical Works (EPC)