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Design & Engineering

Energy Plants Conceptual Design

  • Worksite Evaluation
  • Creating Plant Configuration
  • Defining Plant Design Criteria
  • Evaluation Plant Installed Capacity
  • Technical Comparing of Equipment and Technologies
  • Plant Heat & Mass Balance Diagrams
  • Calculation of Emission Values of Stack Gases
  • Calculation of Internal Consumption Requirement of the Plant


  • Evaluation of Water Consumption and Water Treatment Technologies
  • Evaluation of Plant Cooling Systems
  • Technical Support About Official Proceedings
  • Preparation of Technical Documents of Licence Application
  • Preparation of Worksite Location Draft Plans
  • Preparation of Electricity Principle Single-Line Diagram
  • Preparation of Draft Block Flow Diagrams


  • Evaluation of Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Evaluation of Plant Investment and Management Budgetary Cost

Power Plants Basic and Detailed Engineering

  • Design of Power Transmission and Distribution Systems
  • Determination of Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Evaluation of Construction and Steel Works Requirements of Plant Equipment
  • Evaluation of Plant Investment and Operation Costs
  • Preparation of Detail Block Flow Diagrams
  • Detailed Preparation of Electric Single Line Schemes Facility Layout Plan
  • Finalization of the Plant Operation Concept
  • Piping, Isometry and Preparation of Material Equipment Lists, (Bill of Quantities)
  • Stress Analyzes and Piping Support Designs
  • Process Equipment (Control Valves, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Tanks, etc.) Sizing
  • Evaluation of Plant Completion (BOP) Conditions
  • Earthing Calculations and Earthing Network Plan Drawings Determination of
  • Cable Type and Cross-sections
  • Cable Beam Routing Studies
  • Short Circuit, Lightning Protection, Transformers, Lighting, Compensation
  • Preparation of Calculation and Reports
  • Instrument and Control Cable Lists, Functional Identification and Control Panel
  • Design Conditions Preparation
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications and Data Sheets in the following subjects;
    • Preliminary Reviews
    • Main Equipment
    • Auxiliary Equipment
    • BOP Equipment and Works
    • Construction Works
    • Equipment Installation and Assembly Works Transformer Centres & Switchgear Plants
  • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Stations & Transmission Lines