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ENPRODE Corporate Organization is aware that quality, occupational health and safety and environmental issues bear importance in its success. Within this context ENPRODE shall: 

  • Establish and implement Integrated Management Systems efficiently;
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to quality, health and safety and environment in the countries where offered service;
  • Implement health and safety measures to prevent accidents, damages and adverse impacts to the health of employees and to the relevant interested parties;
  • Organize internal and external training and awareness activities related to quality, environmental, health and safety to enable improvement of its employees;
  • Ensure that all related risks and aspects of its processes are identified, assessed and mitigated proper;
  • Ensure that employees contribute effectiveness and improvement of Integrated Management Systems;
  • Develop emergency response plans to respond accidents and significant incidents;
  • Develop methodologies to ensure all incidents are investigated to prevent recurrence;
  • Implement its obligations arising from relevant environmental regulations to establish and sustain environmental awareness;
  • Minimize internal and external factors impacting environmental pollution; use environmental resources efficient and rational;   implement and expedite recycling technologies.
  • Endeavor to enable satisfaction of its employees and business partners at highest level;
  • Establish proper communication and coordination with all interested parties to solve any complaints immediately,prevent problems from recurrence and obtain client trust;
  • Continually improve its processes to achieve efficiency of its Integrated Management System.