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Wind Power Plant (WPP) Pro-
                        ject Development (from design,
                        planning and implementation

                        through commissioning)

                        Project development from green field until
                        license acquisition
                        Advisory services and preliminary studies for
                        project site selection
                        Technical and financial feasibility studies
                        and reports
                        Selection of WPP location and infrastructure
                        (roads, transmission lines, substations)
                        Support for land lease agreements
                        Periodic data acquisition and assessment
                        Feasibility studies according to 6 monthly
                        data streams
                        Feasibility studies according to 12 monthly
                        data streams
        Wind Power Plant (WPP)
                        WPP design basis recommendation based
                        on wind data
                        Erection of WPP
                        Support audit firms when preparing due
                        diligence reports for financial institutions
                        Specifications and bid documents
                        Preparation of contract documents
                        All other relevant necessary technical
                        consulting services up to plant provisional
                        acceptance and commercial operation.
                        WPP Civil and Electrical
                        Works (EPC)


                        Erection of wind mast and measurement
                        systems to evaluate wind power potential
                        Prepare land lease contract for wind mast at
                        well represented point at site
                        Selection of appropriate measurement
                        Monthly data acquisition and evaluation of
                        collected data
                        Periodic maintenance of wind masts

                        Feasibility study details;

                        Preparation of digitized project maps
                        Market studies and financial analysis
                        Preparation of single line diagram and grid
                        Support preparation of license applications
                        and reports

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