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Transmission and                                                                                      Transmission and Distribution
        Distribituon Systems                          We Design and

        Master plans                                  Build  Electric
        Load flow and stabilty analysis               Transmission
        Economic optimization
        Route  idenfication  and  expropriation       and Distribution
        Environmental impact and assessment           Systems

                                                      We provide design, engineering and
                                                      consultancy   services   for  networks
                                                      including revision of current substations
                                                      for   transmission   and    distribution
                                                      companies and industrial facilities.

                                                      Engineering   and    design   for   the
                                                      rehabilitation  and  reconstruction of
                                                      existing systems.

                                                      Substations, low voltage distribution,
                                                      transformer kiosks, concrete, wood  and
                                                      steel electrical towers, medium voltage
                                                      distribution,  overhead and underground
                                                      distribution, lighting, grounding, lightning,
                                                      metering, remote billing  systems and

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