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Main Areas of Activity                                 Core Business Lines

                                                        Consulting Engineers (Civil,
                                                        Electrical, Mechanical,
                                                        Financial, Auditing)

                                                        Construction and Erection
                                                        (Civil and MEP)

                                                        Facilities Operation and

        Areas of Expertise

        Power Plants                                    Oil & Gas
         Thermal (gas, coal, liquid fuels)              Refineries
         Geothermal                                     Pumping and Compressor Stations
         Biomass to Energy
         Waste to Energy
                                                        Industrial Facilities
        Water Resource Development
         Hydroelectric                                  High Performance Buildings
         Pumped Storage                                 Data centers
         Irrigation and Reservoirs                      Hospitals and health care
         Water Treatment and Desalination               Stadiums
         Solar (solar farm, institutional
         rooftop, residential rooftop)
         Small Hydroelectric

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