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Waste is a resource, not a nuisance.  WtE      Intelligent  waste management  requires
        Waste to Energy (WtE)
                        offers  a  business  opportunity  for  financial   we  prioritization  recycling  and  reuse  and
                        benefit and increased competitiveness in an    carefully  consider  the  technology  to utilize
                        environmentally sustainable manner.            the remaining waste.
                                                                       Overall  efficiency  needs  to  be  optimized
                        Enprode  supports the  goal of  a circular     when converting the remaining organic and
                        economy which benefits us by retaining, for    inorganic  solid  waste into electricity, heat
                        as long as possible, the value of products,    and secondary by-products such as compost
                        materials and resources circulating  in  the   and fertilizer.
                        market and  minimizing  the  waste  and        Conceptual design also includes forecasting
                        consumption  of resources.  After the initial   the availability of feedstock and  how  the
                        separation  of  materials for  recycling  and   characteristics  of the feedstock will change
                        reuse within the waste, conversion to energy   over the life of the facility.
                        of the remainder through  WtE supports         Environmental  stewardship  is  mandatory,
                        green  and  efficient  energy  production      especially  regarding  noise  and  odor  which
                        and  elimination  of  the  health  hazards  and   impact on social acceptability of the envisaged
                        environment damage of landfill dumping.        facility.

                        Enprode’s services include conceptual design, detailed engineering and EPC Management.

                        Waste conversion processes include:

                        • Thermochemical Conversion; Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis
                        • Biochemical Conversion; Fermentation, Anaerobic Digestion

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