Water Resource Development Engineering and Construction Services

  • Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects
  • Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects
  • Reservoirs, Ponds and Dam Projects
  • Irrigation and Flood Control Projects

Our company provides the following services for water projects
  • Site surveys
  • Data collection
  • Licensing
  • Project development
  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Geological investigation studies and reports
  • Audit, survey, observation and progress reports for financial institutions and investors
  • Basin hydrological analysis
  • Land classification, economic and investment reports
  • Custom cartography and mapping
  • Soil investigations and borehole drilling
  • Preparing flood control studies and reports
  • Evaluation and site audit of projects in operation

Experiences, References, Previous Studies

Preliminary, prefeasibility and feasibility studies by ENPRODE.

Technical evaluation reports have been prepared for 27 HEPPs in Azerbaijan.

1) Evaluation and condition survey studies and reports of several projects in Asia, Africa and Europe.

2) Pumped storage hydroelectric power plant projects in Eurasia and Europe. Total Installed Power Of All Projects: 4.420,00 MW (preliminary studies, prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies)

Siroka Draga Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant ( PSHPP )

Pumping Mode : 1120 MW
Turbine Mode: 762 MW

Siroka Draga Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant (PSHPP) Benefits for Bosnia Herzegovina and Europe

  • Quick and Flexible Response to Grid Peak Power Demand
  • Supports Tight Frequency Control
  • Reduced Reliance on Transmission Networks to Supply Peak Power Demand
  • Large Capacity Energy Storage

TI Profile (Longitudinal Section)

TI Profile (Longitudinal Section)
The design comprises two tunnels due to the capacity and size of the Siroka Draga PSHPP.
The T1 tunnel profile view is shown in this drawing

Project Characteristics

Axis 1 & Axis 2 Dam Cross Sections
Project Characteristics
Two asphalt core rock fill dam axes have been designed for the upper reservoir (Siroka Draga Lake) due to the topographic requirements.