Health Safety and Environment

ENPRODE  is certified to  ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 Management Systems with a goal to ensure a safe workplace is maintained and all employee behavior is guided by safety awareness, risk mitigation and respect for the environment. 

Our Health, Safety and Environment policy includes:

ENPRODE commitment to:
  • Eliminate near misses, incidents and accidents
  • Identify HSE risks within work areas and use pre-task planning practices to avoid incidents and accidents
  • Identify potential losses to property in order that they be mitigated
  • Train all employees to work safely
  • Promote behavior in work areas in which we take care of each other
  • Empower all employees to stop unsafe work activities
  • Promote and coordinate a safe working environment in cooperation with other contractors and sub-contractors
  • Ensure compliance with all in-country applicable HSE related legislation
  • Ensure enforcement of applicable security policies, rules and objectives
  • Apply procedures to reduce the risk of incidents
  • Monitor and ensure proper use of safety equipment
  • Ensure appropriately trained and qualified staff are engaged for the tasks to be performed
  • Encourage employees to report any conditions or actions that have a potential for injury or damage
  • Continually seek opportunities to conserve energy and natural resources, prevent pollution, reduce adverse environmental impacts and recycle or reuse materials