Supply Chain Management and Procurement

A pre-requisite for success in Supply Chain Management the effective management and utilization of available resources

Enprode executes the procurement of materials, equipment and services targeting an optimum solution combining technical specifications, delivery time, quality and cost. Market trends and technological developments are closely monitored to ensure the necessary support is given to customers interests and goals.

Our business approach is to create a win/win situation and sustainable business partnerships for all stakeholders. Such business relationships serve as a platform to capture quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness. Our technical and commercial teams aim to monitor, select, and evaluate improvements and developments on the part of our suppliers.
We conduct procurement and logistics on a global basis including risk analyses. Our target is that all activities are expedited in an economic and safe manner.

To minimize risk during procurement of goods and services, domestically and internationally, we engage internationally accredited surveillance companies

We are conscious that human resources are our most important asset and, in this respect, we seek to motivate and increase the competency of our staff. We conduct procurement in accordance with quality, environmental, health and safety standards. Supply Chain Management and Procurement